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What is the Lung Disease in the U.S. All About?

There has been alot of media attention on the Vaping Industry in the United States recently in response to a suspicious lung disease that has been connected to vaping. 

Most of us are familiar with the use of Vape products that have become a more mainstream alternative to smoking. Vaping devices to quit smoking started becoming popular almost 15 years ago. These devices and the e juice liquids that are used with them usually contain nicotine to help a smoker wean off of nicotine use by consistently lowering the amount of nicotine used until they are no longer addicted and successfully Quit Smoking. Some people who vape do not use nicotine and only vape to help diminish the habit or feel of a smokers sensation. Vaping 

e juice for any other use should be discouraged.

More recently with the legalization of Cannabis both in the U.S. and in Canada a new demand for electronics that vaporize cannabis has been created. In the United States there have been 6 deaths confirmed that have been connected to vaporizing contaminated THC. THC is just 1 component of the cannabis plant and it is the one that provides the user a high which is most commonly used for recreation. Authorities in the United States are still investigating.  CBC Top Story

While it is still unclear at this time what has caused the contamination, it is also unclear if any of the ingredients being used to alter cannabis into a vape-able product could also be a cause.

The best way to stay safe is to stay away from any Blackmarket Drugs (see photo example) of any type including homemade e juice with nicotine. 

Vape-able Cannabis Oil in Canada is currently illegal however it it slated for legalization in October 2019. Purchasing products from websites that are not legally licensed to sell Cannabis products is not safe. In Canada there are strict testing guidelines for Licensed Producers to follow in order to ensure their products are safe for use before they are distributed to licensed dispensaries for retail sales. If you use cannabis please be safe and only buy product that has been thoroughly tested and confirmed safe by a Licensed Heath Authority.

In addition to this there are also many different forms of cannabis products available that can be used or consumed using different delivery systems. Cannabis should only be used with the delivery systems that are recommended for the specific cannabis product that is being used. For example, a cannabis tincture comes in the form of an oil that is usually sold in small glass bottles with a dropper inside. Many people have tried to vape these oils however tinctures are NOT for vaping and definitely should NOT be vaped. 

If you would like to learn more about the different types of cannabis forms currently available in Canada as well as which types of delivery systems are available or recommended please join us for a Free information and demonstration session sponsored by The Wanted Leaf in St Albert.

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